Shaista Pabla
and her daughter

The inspiration for this book came when I had my twins 4½ years ago. I remember looking at my daughter and promising myself that I would do anything to show her that she could be anything she wanted and that the world was her oyster. In books I tried to find characters that could serve as role models for her but unfortunately I found it very difficult as most book characters are either boys or young girls that need someone to save them or help them. At the same time I wanted both my kids to have a bucket list and to follow through and check things off that bucket list. I may not be able to take them to every amazing country and to show them every culture but I'm hoping that through this book they will learn there is more to this world than what they can see from their backyard.   

On International Women's Day I asked my kids what it means to be a girl and what they can and can't do. My kids have always been told that girls and boys are equal and that my daughter can do and be anything she wants. Imagine my surprise when my daughter told me that her friend said that girls are supposed to marry a prince and live happily ever after!!!! How is that the only thing young girls should do? Why do we continue to encourage young girls to pretend to be princesses and search for their Prince Charming instead of showing them all the things that they can do on their own? Why do we not teach our children that there are many other things that can make you happy besides finding a prince? Being a princess sounds great but what does a princess do that makes her so special? Does she work? Does she go to school? Does she travel? Does she have her own hobbies? That is when I decided that I needed to publish this book.


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... "happily ever after" doesn't always have to include a Prince Charming.